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Master Ryan Howard has taught Kung Fu and Tai Chi in San Antonio for over 20 years and is a 6th degree black belt. The class atmosphere in his school feels more like a family than anything else.

NEW Online Schedule

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This class schedule Starts this Saturday, March 28th
No classes tonight. Allowing ZOOM to update their servers for video and audio to work properly for everyone.

**BONUS Classes
We will also have “Pop-Up” classes throughout the week during the day. The class will be announced on the Student Facebook Page in the morning on the day of. Will be separate classes for Kids, Jr Black Belts, Adult Kung Fu, Adult Tai Chi. Includes review classes, mini seminars, new material, Chi Kung and more

Kid's Kung Fu

Monday & Wednesday at 5:45PM
White Belt
Yellow-White Stripe
Yellow-Black Stripe
Yellow Belt
Blue-White Stripe
Blue-Black Stripe
Blue Belt

Tuesday & Thursday at 5:45PM
Green-White Stripe
Green-Black Stripe
Green Belt
Brown-White Stripe
Brown Belt

Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30PM
Junior Black Belts

Adult Kung Fu

White Belt – Yellow Belt – Blue Belt
Monday & Wednesday 6:30PM

Green Belt – Brown Belt
Tuesday & Thursday 6:30PM

Black Belts
Monday & Wednesday 8:00PM

Adult Tai Chi

Beginner – Yellow Sash – Blue Sash
Monday & Wednesday 7:15PM

Green Sash- Brown Sashes
Tuesday & Thursday 7:15PM

Black Sash Only
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00PM

Day & Weekend - Adult Kung Fu

All Levels of Kung Fu
Tuesday 12 noon

All Levels of Kung Fu
Saturday 10:45AM

Adult Black Belts w Mr Frank
Saturday 8:00AM

Day & Weekend - Adult Tai Chi

Beginner – Yellow Sash – Blue Sash
Tuesday 11:00AM

Green Sash – Brown Sash – Black Sash
Tuesday 11:30AM

All Levels of Tai Chi
Saturday 10AM

How to Use ZOOM for Online Classes

Kung Fu Warm-Up

Tiger-Crane Blocking Drill

Praying Mantis Enters the Door

New Kung Fu Form
Perfect for All Students!

Yang Tai Chi 24

White Belts Kung Fu

Kids & Adults
Sparring Techniques 1-10
Short Katas 1-10

Chi Kung Exercise

Follow along with Eldermaster Joe Schaefer
8th Degree Black Belt and Master Ryan’s teacher

Fun Video!!

Grandmaster Sin demonstrating Fighting Techniques from 8 Animal Pa Kua on Eldermaster Bill Leonard.
Phoenix, Dragon, Bear, Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Horse, Eagle


More A Community Than A Business

There are NO OTHER schools like ours. Our students feel like family members to each other and to us. Are you looking for an inclusive community of friends and supporters? You found it at South Texas Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

Our Location

6203 Krempen Ave #101
San Antonio TX 78233