Adult Kung Fu

Master Ryan Howard has taught Kung Fu and Tai Chi in San Antonio for over 20 years and is a 6th degree black belt. The class atmosphere in his school feels more like a family than anything else.

Adult Kung Fu

You will learn traditional Shaolin Kung Fu animal and weapon forms. In addition you will learn practical and effective self-defense techniques. When you combine this knowledge and tradition it is life-changing for adults of all ages.

The Kung Fu Path builds personal confidence that comes from instinctual self-defense skills. You will awaken your mental discipline and a can-do mental attitude all while feeling healthier and happier.

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The Most Popular Adult Kung Fu Program In San Antonio

Why Join Adult Kung Fu?


Kung Fu Makes Life Better!

If you are looking for more confidence and empowerment, then Kung Fu is the way to go. Adults start this journey at any age and our students stick with it 3 to 4 times longer than students of other schools… and we don’t have them on contracts.


Get In Shape

Build strength, flexibility, aerobic fitness and mental clarity. Kung Fu does all of this which is why it has been a fitness activity for 1500+ years.


Master Yourself

Shaolin Kung Fu has always been as much about mastering yourself as it was about mastering self-defense skills.


Find Confidence

Kung Fu helps you walk around with your head held high with confidence and pride in your accomplishment. You practice self-defense multiple times a week and that changes you.


Get Motivated

Accomplishing tasks and goals is the most motivating thing a person can do. This is why we use belts and milestones on your path. Imagine how it will feel to earn that black belt and beyond.


Learn Effective Self Defense

Kung Fu is not a sport and so the 1500 year old techniques are not for competing or showing off. They are simple, powerful and could be life-saving.


Join a Community

Our students join for fitness or self-defense bu they always stay for the community. There are no other schools like ours. What a feeling to be lifted up by so many positive and supportive friends.


More A Community Than A Business

There are NO OTHER schools like ours. Our students feel like family members to each other and to us. Are you looking for an inclusive community of friends and supporters? You found it at South Texas Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

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