Tai Chi



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Join San Antonio’s Largest Tai Chi Program

Lot’s of space to learn & practice Tai Chi. Clean, cool air-conditioned building.

Join a relaxing, tranquil practice that increases mind-body awareness; strengthens back, legs, and knees; improves circulation; and brings increased flexibility and focus.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung (breathing exercises) have been shown in study after study to raise quality of life. Tai Chi increases calmness, peacefulness and relaxation.

Improves Balance & Flexibility 
All the studies show that Tai Chi is better for increasing balance than physical therapy and other balance training methods. Overall flexibility increases through complete relaxation.

Increases Mental Sharpness
The most powerful part of learning Tai Chi just might be the very special impact it has on mental clarity and sharpness. As people age. we often experience “cognitive decline”. Tai Chi has been shown to slow and even reverse this process.

Fun to Learn
You might not know that there ar dozens of Tai Chi forms to learn. This keeps you interested and learning new things for years to come. This becomes your secret longevity strategy.

Supportive Friends
As you learn these fascinating ancient movements, you will be surrounded by new friends that are on the same journey.

Nothing has a better impact on your life than the pride of accomplishment. Quality of life comes from challenges met.

Something So Beautiful, Healthy & Fun
You will be amazed at how great you feel after Tai Chi class. Relaxed, balanced, energized and accomplished.

  • 26 Years Experience
  • 1000+ Satisfied Students
  • 50 Tai Chi Forms Taught
  • Master Ryan Howard is the official Tai Chi instructor for the NBA San Antonio Spurs


People of all ages practice the slow mindful movements of Tai Chi Chuan. In the San Antonio Tai Chi Classes we have students from teen to their 80’s learning this ancient art form.

The magic of Tai Chi is the combination of mental and physical development. Every modern study about aging and the brain has supported the step by step approach of Tai Chi to prevent age-related mental impairment and physical decreases in balance and postural control. It has been shown to help with Arthritis, Fiber Myalgia and can protect against bone density loss with age.

Sample of our Tai Chi program…
Yang Tai Chi 24
Yang Tai Chi Sword
Yang Tai Chi 64
Chen Tai Chi 83
Buddha Fist
Classical Pa Kua
8 Animal Pa Kua
Meteor Fist
Yin Yang Dagger
Yang Broadsword
Iron Fan
Ba Gua Sun-Moon Daggers
Ba Gua Broadsword
Yang Tai Chi Broadsword
8 Animal Pa Kua Tiger-Hook
Qi Gong (Chi Kung)
Breathing & Meditation Exercises
White Crane Qi Qong
Walking Qi Gong
Small Circle of Heaven Breathing
Yin Chi Breathing
Yang Chi Breathing
Hua To’s 5 Animal Exercises