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Our school is a caring, supportive environment that promotes confidence, empowerment, focus, self-discipline, fitness, and self-defense skills.

ages 4-11

6203 Krempen Ave #101

  • 26 Years Experince
  • 1000+ Satisfied Students
  • 100’s of Kung Forms Taught
  • Master Ryan is the official martial arts teacher of the NBA San Antonio Spurs

Kids learn Kung Fu in a fun supportive atmosphere that encourages mental focus and inner discipline. As they learn to set and reach goals and milestones, they gain a greater self-confidence in all areas of their life.

We Have The Most Organized Kids Curriculum

For Parents designing an amazing life of success for their children, South Texas Kung Fu puts the needs of your child first using Chinese martial arts to develop body and mind. Our Instructors encourage and inspire to get the most from kids. The Kung Fu path builds a track record of success, a foundation for your child’s lifelong thirst for achievement.

Parents often tell us…
We often hear parents tell us that our Kids Kung Fu program is the only thing their child has ever “stuck with”. They often say that organized sports or other activities never held the child’s interest for very long. However, these same kids end up spending years with us and reinvent themselves as highly skilled, highly confident, people that never says “can’t” or allows them-self to quit something important.

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Mondays 5:45pm
6203 Krempen Ave #101

Kung Fu IS Good for Kids!!

Our Kid’s Kung Fu program provides a controlled and measurable series of “hardships” in the form of healthy, challenging exercises and forms that they must step-by-step master before moving to the next level. The exercises make them stronger and more flexible, the material broadens their ideas and sharpens their focus, and the goals (the different belt levels) are attainable within reasonable periods of time.

WE Moved Into Our NEW Location In August 2020
Your child will be training at the BIGGEST Location in Texas! Offering PERSONAL INSTRUCTION in Each Class!

New Location
6203 Krempen Ave #101
San Antonio TX