Four reasons to pick Shaolin-Do

Shaolin-Do supports you training as often as you want.

We don’t limit your schedule for our teaching convenience. We want your training to become a part of your lifestyle. We have morning, day, and evening classes.

Shaolin-Do teaches you more material.

Shaolin-Do has more material to learn before reaching black belt than most schools teach in their entire curriculum. Furthermore, the material taught up to the black belt level represents only 10% of Shaolin-Do’s vast body of knowledge. The skills and forms are taught in a logical and progressive way, so that all students, regardless of their initial physical ability, will achieve skill levels beyond their expectations. In Shaolin-Do, the depth of material gives students many opportunities for self-discovery.

Shaolin-Do teachers value excellence.

Each class has multiple instructors in order to provide a more personal learning environment. Our teachers are knowledgeable, motivating, and friendly. Students with previous martial art experience share that our school has an atmosphere like no other they have tried.

Shaolin-Do provides well-equipped training spaces.

The training spaces are large and safe. The training area is floored with safety mats to protect joints and spines while training. The facility is also equipped with bags and stretching equipment for students’ use between classes.