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cost $40

Seminar Open to ALL women!!
Join Master Katy Moeggenberg (5th degree Black Belt in Shaolin-Do) for two 60-minute ZOOM classes on the I Chin Ching exercises!
Master Katy and her husband own and operate a Shaolin-Do school in Cincinnati, Ohio.
I Chin Ching roughly translates to “muscle/tendon change classic” or the “change of tendon and muscle.” The idea is that by tensing your muscles through static holds/stretches and dynamic motions you can build stronger, more flexible muscles and tendons, while achieving better balance and coordination. That’s a lot of promise for just 49 exercises!
On Sunday, May 2nd at 2pm, Master Katy will briefly describe the principles behind the I Chin Ching, but most of the time will be focused on a basic set of ICC exercises, with proper form, to build into a regular routine for the students to practice.
Then on Sunday, June 13th at 2pm, Master Katy will break down some of the tougher exercises and share progressions to help get you there.